New Zealand is traditionally known for harbouring some of the top names in world athletics. They include Peter Snell, Murray Halberg, and John Walker. New Zealand is an athletic country, and it is quite common to find people running and jogging around its cities.

If you are interested in athletics, specifically running, walking or jogging, you might as well know how boring it gets to run alone. Especially for professional athletes, a high level of discipline is required for one to maintain a consistent training pattern. New Zealand, being an athletic nation, houses dozens of running clubs. These clubs offer a diverse range of services, some with their own unique services. This uniqueness and efficiency of service delivery are what determines how good a club is. Here are some of the best running clubs in New Zealand.

Auckland Running Meet Up

This is a running group with more than a thousand members. It is a public group located in the city of Auckland. It was originally organized by Gareth E. and three other people. The group is all about connecting individual runners to run together and explore new and exciting terrains available within the city. The group organizes running events for their members to participate in. Some of the upcoming events include the MetroRun Sunday Run and the Western Springs Park Run.

Auckland Joggers Club

This is a social club for both jogging and running. It has members of all ages ranging from 20’s to 70+-year-olds. This club is one of the most diverse running clubs around in terms of services available. People run and walk for fun, for fitness, and even for professional training. The club has experienced pack leaders for the novice runner all through to the professional athlete. Activities are centred around Cornwall Park, with changing rooms as well as showering facilities fitted. To join the club, a membership fee of 130 dollars for the 1st year is charged and 60 dollars per year for the subsequent years. The public is welcome for a free try out of sessions with the club before signing up.

Christchurch Avon Athletics Club

This is an athletic club with a wide range of sporting activities. They range from trail running to track and field, cross country and road running. The club admits members of all age groups and at all levels of sporting expertise, be it, beginners or professional athletes. The club has experienced and qualified coaches who guide the members in training. It’s an all-around club that aims at improving individuals in almost all aspects of life. There are post-race socializing events and club trips where members get to know each other better.

University of Auckland Running Club

This club was established in 1909. It is open to all the Auckland University students as well as the community. It helps the members to prosper in track, cross country and other running events. It accepts both professional and non-professional runners. The club goes further to enhance peace and harmony between the neighbouring community and the university students.

There is no shortage of running clubs wherever one goes in New Zealand. Each has something unique to offer, and the suitability will depend on a runner’s needs. Wherever you are, there really is no excuse for running alone.