Running is a sport which has many benefits for people of all ages and genders. Most people enjoy running alone as they get a chance to free up their mind from stress. Running alone, however, may not be as interesting as running in a group. A group gives you company and also morale to keep on running. It is, therefore, preferable to join a running club rather than hitting the track alone. Here are some of the benefits that one gets to enjoy from joining a running club.

Scheduled Workouts

Running clubs have running schedules which should be followed by all members. These schedules enable one to have a better running routine compared to when running alone. These schedules give runners the obligation to show up for running. This is beneficial as one may decide to ignore running schedules when running on their own. They also help one to push harder as you are required to complete certain miles within a certain period of time. This may not be possible when running alone as you might decide to even walk or abort the running exercise when you gets exhausted.

Experienced Coaches

Members of a running club get the chance to train with some of the best and experienced coaches. You will be able to improve their running skills and technique. You will also be given advice by the coaches, which will enable you to become a much better runner. This is much more beneficial as you will not need to spend money hiring a personal trainer. This is because most clubs are generous enough to provide a trainer that provides his or her services to all the members of the club.

Shared Advice

Everybody has something that works best for them and something that does not. There are also some people who might have knowledge about a particular subject that may be helpful to others. Running in a team gives one a chance to learn from other teammates. You will get a chance to compare your diet with that of other athletes. You may also get advice from other athletes on how to face some problems when running and maybe improve your running skills. You may also ask questions about exercising and the type of gears to wear when running.


These clubs also help one to make more friends. These friends help in giving each other motivation and morale while running. They also help each other in achieving set targets in running. It is also much easier to run more in a great company of friends. New friends made in a running club can go ahead to become life partners.

Varied Pacing

Each runner in a running club has a different ability -there are pacey and slow runners. One has a chance to either run with the pacey runners or slow runners. This, therefore, gives runners a chance to learn how to run with different paces. This is a great skill which is difficult to learn on your own.

Increased Safety

Running alone on the streets might be dangerous at times. One may get injured and need medical assistance. Friends in your group will help you with your injury and help you get on your feet again. There are also lower chances of getting interrupted by criminals when one runs in a group, especially during the wee hours.