Have you, at any one time, entertained the thought of becoming a member of a running club? Maybe you just want to have fun during those boring weekends? Or you want to keep fit for your health. Perhaps you want to lose a few calories you gained over the festivities. Or you just want to make a couple of new friends. A running club may just be the right place for you. New Zealand has beautiful landscapes and ideal terrains for running. With this, there are plenty of running clubs you can join across the region. So what will it cost you?


First, you have to become a member. This means that you have to choose a running club you like and register first to become a member. You can register online as most clubs have websites where you can access their membership form. Alternatively, you can visit the club and get hands-on with the process of becoming a running club member. Membership varies from one club to another, either monthly, annually or otherwise.

All clubs, however, rank their membership as per age. This includes junior membership, senior membership and others even have less than 3year olds membership. Most clubs have members as young as in their 20s to those as old as in their 70s.

Membership may include access to certain services or exclusive events. Costs included are usually meant for purchasing and maintaining of equipment, running of the track and club facilities and general club administration. Members may also get their travel costs and competition fees catered for by their membership fees.


Clubs require you to adhere to a certain set of rules. For instance, some have a set of uniforms such as a t-shirt and shorts or trousers. Once you are a member, you are to wear this during running events or at other member functions. And, of course, it comes at a fee.


The beauty of the club is that it also encompasses a coach. This coach or rather several coaches are assigned to cater for the very aged to the youngest. With a personal trainer, you can manage at any level of fitness and reach your goals without any pressure. Working with groups, you also get to have some moral support from team members. Clubs have programs that ensure that you have a schedule for fitness which is convenient for you. This could be early morning before work, in the evening right after work or during the weekends. Club packages come in a wide variety and are customized to meet each member’s needs. Members can train for events, marathons or just run or jog for fitness.

Some clubs will also include a gym and swimming pool so you can socialize as well. Clubs organize fun events and even trips which you can enjoy. So if you are a member, you might want to contribute regularly so that you don’t miss out. Club activities range from walking, running, nordic walking, vertical races, and multiday races. There are short races, 5 and 10km races, ultra-marathons, half marathons, and full marathons too.

The actual monetary cost will depend on the particular club you choose to join and the specific benefits you wish to enjoy. Generally, however, running clubs are affordable for everyone.