While running clubs are generally categorized into adult and children classes, there is still a slight difference between clubs for women and those suitable for men. The differences are most visible in the scheduling of activities and intensity of training.

For the social aspect- which is a big factor in running- women will generally want to run in all-women groups, then maybe socialize with the men later. This is because the running session creates a good bond for them to bond and share things that could be bugging them; basically, women-talk.


Normally, women’s clubs work best when scheduled for the early hours of the evening. Most women who join running clubs would prefer to drop by right after work before heading home. Men, on the other hand, would have no problems with running sessions that end a bit late.

Again, the sessions for women need to be shorter than those for men. Bar people who are training for a professional competition, women will generally not go for the same energy-sapping training as men. Given that a number of running clubs practice a full triathlon, activities can be a bit over the top for someone who is training for pure fun.

How to Choose the Best Running Club

  • Know What You Want To Achieve

Before deciding which club to join, a woman will need to know what goals are setting her on that path. Reasons could vary greatly. There are those who want to lose baby fat and get back after taking a break for nursing. There are those with free time and are looking to get occupied. Others may intend to pick up running as a profession. Then there are those who could be looking to improve their general fitness. Setting clear goals will make it easier to eliminate clubs that don’t offer what you are looking for.

  • Identify mentors

If you are only just beginning, you will need someone to motivate you. The best way to do this is to find someone who is already running and join their club. Although it is possible to find such a person when you join, it becomes more comfortable when you already had that person in mind before joining.

  • Match Your Schedule

Always know when you will be available to run and choose a club that fits in with your schedule. The club should preferably be close to home or along your way to work. That way you won’t be tempted to baulk when you have had a hell of a day at work.

Best Running Clubs for Women in New Zealand

261 Fearless Club

261is a popular name in running circles all over the world and is largely popular in New Zealand. The club describes itself as out to bring women together for strength, support and friendship. It draws its name from athlete Kathrine Switzer’s bib, a Boston Marathon participant who was almost kicked out of the race for being a woman.

New Zealand Hash House Harriers

The club’s mission is to promote running in a fun and social way. It takes in both men and women, but ladies will still fit in amazingly well.

Wild Things NZ

This club often gets out of the standard track and takes less developed trails in the outdoors. The most significant advantage is that it is a nationwide club; you will find club members everywhere.